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Sports & Media Marketing

Connecting You with Target Markets

``Right audience, right place, right time; That's what it's all about. From strategy to execution, our precision design and targeting processes deliver measurable campaigns for some of the worlds largest events, issues, & brands.``

Sports & Media Marketing

Global Exposure & World-Class Activation


From strategy to activation, our Sports & Media marketing team matches brands in all phases of growth with world-class global events, including NASCAR, Olympic events, Film, and TV placement...

Digital Marketing & Branding

Look the Part & Master First Moment of Truth


Your First Moment of Truth is the 3-7 seconds after shoppers first encounters a product or service. This is when browsers start to become buyers, choosing you over the competition. Don't be left behind...

Brand & Management Consulting

Ready to Move to the Next Level? We Can Help


Our expert brand & management consultants regularly pioneer key initiatives for brands of all sizes. From industry titans to ambitious start-ups, we help you earn measurable results and accomplish objectives strategically...

Senior Business Consultant

Emmett Leopardi

Radical Transparency

The Micc Group is whole-heartedly committed to operating entirely in the light of day. We remain committed to illustrating expectations clearly, delivering results reliably, and answering each and every question along the way. We never sacrifice quality for profit and embrace our clients’ goals as our own. We outline our strategy clearly and completely, including most granular details, to ensure our goals and expectations reflect those of our client precisely.

Data-Driven Decision Making

The Micc Group is a firm believer in raw data. Towards that end, we work tirelessly to ensure every choice we make, and suggestion we offer, is backed by a high evidentiary standard of true and complete data that formulate believability weighted decisions. We will never sacrifice speed for accuracy, though always abide by agreed deadlines, and make every effort to collect all available data to assist in accurate and effective strategy generation and execution.

Comprehensive Communication

The Micc Group maintains a laser-focus on clear and complete communication with our clients, our vendors, and our staff. Some may consider us over-communicators, which is our preference as opposed to the alternative. To maintain our commitment to radical transparency, comprehensive communication is necessary to ensure every client has access to the information they need, when they need it, and understand every step along the way. We’re always happy to answer all of your questions, and want to ensure you always feel informed, involved, and in-control.

Cutting-Edge Technology

The Micc Group utilizes effective cutting-edge technology to ensure efficiency, transparency, accountability, and complete satisfaction.

Results-Focused Strategies

At The Micc Group, we reverse engineer objectives. Every new client starts with a comprehensive brand audit, and goal identification meeting. We dive deep into our clients’ brand; identifying goals, expectations, and opportunities. Though most of our time in this phase is spent listening, we do offer insight and suggestions to help clarify the granular details of our clients’ overall objectives and expectations. Your goals are our obsession, which means we must understand them fully and completely, before working tireless to realize them.


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